Upcoming Events


In August, the TXAPN Apostolic Team Leaders and Regional Coordinators will be holding their annual retreat.  This is a time set aside for worship, prophetic revelation, strategizing and fellowship.  Please go to the REGIONS tab on the home page and discover who represents your region and county.  Pray for them.  Contact them.  We are a covenant-based network that works as a team across the state.

Keep us in pray and ask the Lord to bring His revelation and presence into our midst!


Are you interested in knowing if any prayer initiatives have been or will be taking place in region? Contact your Regional Coordinators. There will be times when teams will go out on assignment - land, rivers, counties, cities, towns and other historical sites.  Check with your coordinators to see if you can go along.  Be aware that these are initiatives that require prayer, preparation, commitment and team effort.

Regional Gatherings