The word of the Lord for the day is "muster." He is sounding the alarm. He is mustering the troops. The dictionary defines muster as: to assemble (troops, a ship's crew, etc.), as for battle, display, inspection, orders, or discharge, to gather, summon, rouse, to assemble for inspection, service, etc., as troops or forces, to come together; collect; assemble; gather.

There is a distinct prophetic call to us from the Lord to gather. He is "marshaling the troops." Marshal means: to arrange in proper order; set out in an orderly manner; arrange clearly, to array, as for battle, to usher or lead ceremoniously.

He is setting everyone and everything in order. He is calling us to "pay the price" for His kingdom. In the spring of 2010 I stood under the Houston Oak near Gonzales, Texas and called the saints of God to muster together. The Houston Oak is where Sam Houston mustered the newly formed army of Texas after the fall of the Alamo.The Alamo represented a place of complete sacrifice. In this season we are fighting another nation or kingdom. Dr. John Benefiel of Oklahoma reminded us of one simple fact. There are only two kingdoms. The kingdom of our God and the kingdom of satan.

Today, I implore you to sign up as an intercessor for Texas. We have received a prophetic injunction through Chuck Pierce that we need 10,000 intercessors praying together for the State of Texas.


  • First, we are NOT trying to develop one master database for our ministry.  TXAPN is a network and we will utilize regional, county and other local connections to spread the word regarding vision, needs, events and prayer throughout the State of Texas.
  • If you are already receiving email communication from TXAPN via Tom Schlueter or one of the regional/county leaders, you do not need to sign up here.  We simply want to insure that everyone has an opportunity to get on board. Please connect with a regional/county leader in your area.  To find out your region, go to
  • When you sign up via this website, we will direct your name to a TXAPN regional and/or county leader. Your name and information will not be given to any other ministry or data collection agency.   The primary purpose is to be able to communicate with integrity the prayer needs of Texas, and to invite you to be a part of apostolic and transforming initiatives throughout the state and region.
  • You can also sign up to become a part of "Gideon's 300" for a commitment of at least $25 a month (see below). There will be certain benefits that come as a part of this group. SIGN UP TODAY!

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